My blog

What I write about?

This blog is dedicated to the Business Analysis domain, particularly in context of IT projects (but not limited to it) and agile methods of software development. I talk about tools, techniques, best practices, certification, career development, etc.

For whom I write?

The information in this blog may be useful to you if you are:

  • Business Analyst

Great! I hope my blog will be a source of an inspiration and maybe help you engage in some interesting conversations back in your team.

  • Planning to become Business Analyst

I hope the blog will help you prepare and launch your career in this field. You will learn about some of the positive and negative sides of this profession so you get a full picture what are you getting yourself into.

  • IT team member

Whether you are a tester or a developer, regardless your role, the blog might help you in your day to day cooperation with your Business Analyst and clarify what can be expected of him or her.

  • Person responsible for purchasing software, manager or an expert

In need to make a decision to purchase a piece of software? Are you a manager or a domain expert? The blog provides guidance whether and why you need a Business Analyst and how such cooperation can be most beneficial to you and your organization.